The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), since it has been established in 1997, seeks to provide all member states a united and peaceful front by combating issues in regards to illicit trafficking, drug abuse, political corruption and criminal activities. Henceforward, it occupies, real-time, a crucial position in the United Nations assessing and taking charge to fight against the corruption that has been recently growing exponentially. Therefore, it is now time to bring rise and shed light upon such terrorizing issues with all member states providing a comprehensive response to them. Moreover, we must assist the UN in bringing guidance in altering and amending governments around the world in terms of their legal structures, conventions and policies. 

Accordingly, with great honor and pleasure, my chair, Zeina Abdeldayem, and I are proud to preside over the UNODC for its second year in HIAMUN. We are eager and very excited to provide the best experience and allow the delegates to explore the following topics, covering many anticipating and triggering issues currently being debated all over the world. These topics are as follows: Combating transnational organized crime through regulatory reforms to the international arrest warrant system, developing a universal criterion for the rise of recreational drugs, and establishing national legislations and combative methods in regards to implementing measures against money-laundering and financing of terrorism. Noting that, we hope that these topics for will allow our delegates to achieve promising resolutions and provide them a different outlook on the world.

With that said, Zeina and I believe strongly in your capabilities, and with our help, together we will be able to become distinguishably unique and impactful on HIAMUN.

Thank you,

Haya Tamer, President of the UNODC- United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


1. Combating Transnational Organizational Crime through Regulatory Reforms to the International Arrest Warrant System

2. Developing a Universal Criterion for the Rise of Recreational Drugs

3. Establishing National Legislations and Combative Methods in Regards to Implementing Measures Against Money-Laundering and Financing of Terrorism