Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear MUN participants and esteemed directors,

It is an honor for me to welcome you to the sixth annual Hayah International Academy Model United Nations conference. HIAMUN has been witnessing exponential growth since its instigation in 2011, notably that HIAMUN is now a THIMUN affiliated conference, hosting over 200 delegates from seven international schools in Cairo. 

This year, the theme for our conference is Metamorphosis. In global issues and in our every day lives, we often notice that a minor change has the potential of carrying out a rippling effect. However, recently we have been oblivious to the power that one individual actually carries, ironically after the efforts we have seen the youth undertake in the ‘Arab Spring’. The idea of Metamorphosis is that the change that we are able to make, would lead to total transformation. 

With 2016 serving as the year designated for the termination of the Sykes-Picot Agreement, as addressed by this year’s Sixth General Assembly, we can now witness the potential we have in tackling its implications. Our newly introduced GA 3 – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural is discussing the prosecution of members of the LGBT community, in hope of creating unreserved change throughout the international community. The also new Special Regional Committee on Middle East and North Africa (SRCMENA) is seeking to find an effective solution for the water crisis plaguing the region, which has put many lives at risk. 

Seldom do we attempt to address such topics, to grasp that point where total metamorphosis is at reach. We now have the chance to do so; HIAMUN has given us that opportunity. It is only in this conference that we hope to enhance the ways in which we use to achieve change – change in our community, in ourselves and ultimately, in our world.  

Best regards, 

Mariam Hassaballah 

Secretary-General of HIAMUN 2016


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