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Esteemed participants and directors, 

I, Nour Abdel Hamid, am most honored to be serving as Secretary-General to the tenth annual Hayah International Academy Model United Nations (HIAMUN) alongside my close friends and distinguished Deputy Secretaries-General, Ingy El Sheikh and Alia Emara. 

For a decade, HIAMUN has witnessed exponential growth, and we are now proud to consider it a prestigious, THIMUN-affiliated conference which hosts over 400 participants from high schools all over Egypt. However, this isn't why HIAMUN has been able to thrive for the past 10 years. Rather, it is the unique spirit and conscientious approach of our conference that has enabled its success. HIAMUN prides itself on being an institution that educates the youth of our world, expands their awareness, and allows them to take part in something much bigger than themselves. 

Just as last year, HIAMUN '20 is maintaining its focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in hopes of expanding our impact on local and global communities. Our focus on the SDGs serves to highlight the commonality of our goals as well as unify our efforts. This brings me to the theme for HIAMUN '20; Pangaea. 

Pangaea is the hypothetical supercontinent that existed far before nations and borders ever did. Though this theme can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, we intended it to signify our common origins. Despite our diversity, all nations were once birthed from the same continent; Pangaea. 

Guided by this theme, I hope that delegates recognize that despite their conflicting opinions, they share the same objectives. Ultimately, the purpose of our disputes is to achieve unity, in one way or the other. Through this, I am confident that delegates will enrich their experience, as well as make the most out of their involvement in HIAMUN. 

Nour Abdel Hamid 

Secretary-General, HIAMUN '20

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