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Esteemed participants and directors,

I, Ameena El-Agha, am most honored to serve as Secretary-General to the ninth annual session of Hayah International Academy Model United Nations (HIAMUN) alongside my exceptional Deputy Secretaries-General and dear friends, Anas Ismail and Yahia Beethoven.

Since its first session in 2011, HIAMUN has witnessed exponential growth, and we are now proud to consider it a prestigious, THIMUN-affiliated conference which hosts over 400 participants from high schools all over Cairo. However, we do not define growth simply by size or by the accolades the conference has earned; rather we choose to define it by the extent to which we are able to impact our delegates, and the local and global community. Since this is one of HIAMUN’s main objectives, we have decided, starting HIAMUN ‘19, to adopt a more conscientious approach to fulfilling the UN’s renowned Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whether it is through resolutions or through taking actions such as becoming a more eco-friendly institution.

The adoption of the SDGs as a central focus signifies the theme for our 2019 conference, Orbits. While this theme may be interpreted in various ways, one interpretation is that just as planets orbit the sun; each planet taking a different path, we as nations and individuals orbit around the same topics, the same issues, using different solutions to tackle them.

Thus, the essence of HIAMUN ‘19 is to recognize our common objectives, as well as our differences, and cooperate in accomplishing such objectives accordingly. If our delegates are to approach the upcoming conference with this understanding, then I’m confident in the fruitfulness of their experience.

Ameena El-Agha

Secretary-General, HIAMUN ‘19

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