General Assembly Third Committee

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural


Everyday, the world continues to experience a myriad of harrowing crises that threaten the wellbeing of every human, for in a world so inextricably interlinked it is inevitable that every person experiences the effects of the problems surrounding them. At the same time, the world continues to rapidly evolve, and at the same time so do the crises we face, and in such a dynamic world it’s necessary for us to develop and update our methods of dealing with these crises. The Third Committee of the General Assembly is tasked with doing so by developing updated strategies that tackle the social, humanitarian and human rights issues that continue to threaten the world, with the interest of protecting the wellbeing and dignity of all.

This year we will be tackling the following issues: firstly, the issue of government transparency and accountability, which deals with the extent to which citizens are knowledgeable of government affairs and if they can hold the government accountable for their actions. Second, the issue of systemic discrimination against women, which deals with how countries’ legal framework either directly or indirectly discriminates against women. Third, the issue of implementing alternatives to imprisonment, which deals with attempting to reduce the use of imprisonment in criminal justice systems and rather the use of other alternatives

My chair, Youssef Abdelhamid, and I hope to deliver an enjoyable and educative experience to our delegates, witness in our delegates the endless creativity, sharpness, and open-mindedness that characterises the best of change makers.

Thank you,

Nahla Saad, President of the Third Committee of the General Assembly


1. The issue of government transparency and accountability 

2. Measures to combat systemic discrimination against women

3. Implementing alternatives to imprisonment