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 With the end of the Second World War, the General Assembly of the United Nations was established in 1945. The Third Committee of the GA, in specific, is dedicated to addressing social, humanitarian, and human rights issues. 

My chair, Ayten Labib, and I, Hend Wahdan, are proud to be given the opportunity to moderate GA3 for HIAMUN 2018. We hope to learn from the student officers of the years before us, and become an exemplar for those to follow. We have chosen three topics which are of growing prominence and controversy in the international community; The Question of Encryption and Privacy, The Question of Euthanasia, and the Prevention of Ethnic Cleansing.

Ayten and I hope that your strengths, and ours, will leave us with insight that will last beyond the limited days of the conference. We are certain that you will all surpass our expectations, and make this conference worthwhile.

Thank you,

Hend Wahdan, President of GA3 – General Assembly 3


1. The Question of Euthanasia

2. The Prevention of Ethnic Cleansing

3. The Question of Encryption and Digital Privacy