The General Assembly is the main deliberative, policy-making and representative organ of the UN. It exposes and tackles issues of utmost importance in our world, away from the petty matters we are so engulfed by nowadays. 

In light of that and of this year's theme, Pulses, I, Nour El-Messary, President of the GA, alongside my chair, Nour Abdelhamid, have decided upon three of the most momentous and diverse topics ranging from the lack of human rights, addressed through setting a framework to eradicate enforced disappearances; to the legal aspect of the Global Refugee Crisis; and lastly to the disarmament issue of the illicit brokering of arms and weapons. 

The issue of enforced disappearances has been increasing day after day with very little attention being given to it. Hence, the first topic revolves around eradicating it, along with ensuring these people and their families a safe life with the provision of their basic human rights. Secondly, this year we aim to look at the Global Migrant Crisis from a different angle than that of human rights. We are encouraging our delegates to consider and focus on the legality of the countries' efforts regarding the crisis. Meanwhile, the third topic touches heavily on the prevention of the brokering of illicit arms between countries, which is an issue that lacks international efforts and attention despite it being crucial.

Chair Abdelhamid and I are looking forward to meeting you all, watch your pulses increase from the heated debates, and grow into effective sets of solutions.

Thank you,                                         

Nour El-Messary, President of the General Assembly



1. Measures to Prevent and Combat Illicit Brokering of Arms and Weapons

2. Measures to Overcome the Global Refugee Crisis

3. Setting a Framework to Eradicate Enforced Disappearances