In a world full of ongoing crises and unresolved issues, international forums are essentially needed to maintain stability and protect the lives of those endangered. The General Assembly was founded in 1946, and being the only council to have equal representation of all participating nations makes it the most deliberative and representative policymaking committee. It is composed of six sub-committees, the first of which is the First General Assembly (The Disarmament and International Security Committee) which deals with “disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeks out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime”, striving to bring this world to an ultimate state of peace and safety with minimal use of weaponry. The committee is very important in a time where terrorism, crimes, and armed conflicts have roamed the world in all regions. It works with the United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC) and the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament, and is the only main committee of the General Assembly entitled to verbatim records coverage.

This year in HIAMUN, I, along with my outstanding chair, Seif Hikal, aim to bring about an unforgettable model of the United Nations GA 1, wishing for every single delegate that enters our forum an experience that will change them by the end of the conference. As the issues in the Twenty First Century still continue to cause problems to the global society and many still remain unresolved, we will still propose constructive resolutions and formulate clauses to try to reach consensus and contribute positively to the world. The first topic we will be discussing is: measures to effectively prevent terrorist groups from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, an issue that has always been there, but has been highlighted recently in several places this year, and continues to potentially threaten the international security if not stopped firmly. Our second topic is: the question of militarizing outer space, where as this is a relatively new issue that has not yet been solved and actions regarding it have not yet been taken. The third topic we will be discussing is: setting a framework to reduce the risk of cyber warfare, since the world is on the verge of entertaining electronic conflicts and a cyber-war as technology has reached its maximum and has become part of all processes.

Seif and I do not aim to merely run debates and apply the rules of procedure; we will try to develop the people in front of us. It is our duty to complete the characters present before us and our pleasure to mentor those who came all the way to us to attend our conference. We hope to surpass all expectations and to make something memorable. 

Thank you,

Yahia Beethoven, President of GA1 – Disarmament and International Security


1. Measures to Effectively Prevent Terrorist Groups from Acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction

2. The Question of Militarizing Outer Space

3. Finding Effective Measures to Reduce the Risk of Cyber Warfare