General Assembly First Committee

Disarmament and International Security


Delegates, my name is Abdullah Shamsi, and it is my honor to serve as the president of the General Assembly’s First Committee alongside my chair Mariam Walid for this year’s HIAMUN conference. In a world inflicted with terrorism and violence, implementing and ensuring Disarmament and International Security is crucial in order to preserve not just the people that live in it, but the home itself. It is also our duty to ensure a peaceful and violence-free world for those that follow us; future generations.

We have chosen three issues of immense importance to debate throughout the conference that we feel are both inclusive and extremely relevant. The first issue regarding biological weapons is one that has been increasingly detrimental in the past century due to such weapons resulting in more than 500 million deaths. The second issue on disarming cluster munitions has been ongoing for centuries and the collateral damage from cluster munitions is still in effect to this day. The third issue on the matter of nuclear deals and treaties is key to preventing further damage from weapons of mass destruction and maintaining a peaceful world.

My chair Mariam and I are eager to welcome you all to HIAMUN ‘20 and watch you cooperate with one another, discuss, debate, and grow as the leaders that the world needs.

See you soon,

Abdullah Shamsi, President of the General Assembly First Committee


  1. Finding active measures to prohibit the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (Biological) and toxin weapons

  2. The general and complete disarmament of cluster munitions

  3. Revising the implementation and monitoring methods of pre-existing multilateral nuclear deals and treaties striving for nuclear non-proliferation