International Court of Justice (ICJ)


The world must be taken to justice. The presence of justice will provide a sense of safety and security among nations, giving them the opportunity to prosper and flourish. Now, what can be the bringer of justice between nations? It is the International Court of Justice. The ICJ has been present since the formation of the United Nations, and it has ever since been the primary judicial organ of the organization, producing binding verdicts that countries use to resolve contentious issues between nations.

This year, the ICJ at HIAMUN will be entertaining two classical cases, already solved before, and to change the tradition, our cases this year are neither a territorial nor a maritime dispute. Our first case this year will be the “LaGrand” case between Germany and The United States, addressing consular access, while the second case will be the “Whaling in the Antarctic” case between Australia and Japan.

I, Ali Kandil, am honored to serve as the president of the International Court of Justice in HIAMUN ‘20 alongside my passionate, dedicated, and very talented chair, Amin Houta. Our engagement in situations such as these strengthens our belief in justice. So no matter who you are or what you do, never disengage. Bring the world together, reverse continental drift. Bring back Pangaea. 

Ali Kandil, President of the International Court of Justice


  1. LaGrand (Germany v. United States of America)

  2. Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v. Japan: New Zealand intervening)