The International Court of Justice's purpose is to resolve issues between member nations in order to establish solutions that allow involved parties to reach fair grounds. Recently, there have been many disputes that have caused tension worldwide and have led to many drastic measures being taken. However, hope is not lost, for all nations exhibit potential for change despite all the failed attempts at first-hand negotiations. All member nations must first realize the urgency of their situation and the necessity of bilateral agreements and negotiations.  

In light of that, I, Malak El Saadany, President of the International Court of Justice, along with my chair, Kanzi El-Nasharty, have recognized two of the most prominent cases to discuss in HIAMUN 18’s ICJ. The first topic is: Questions relating to the obligation to persecute or extradite (Belgium vs Senegal). This topic can be seen from different perspectives; and therefore we expect the debate to be very heated, along with the witnessing, considering how the issue involves specific personnel. Moving on to the second topic: Certain Iranian Assets (Iran VS USA), which involves two of the most involved countries universally, being both dominant regional and global leaders, making the case all the more significant. 

My chair and I are expecting exceptional advocates with enlightening ideas, and judges with an eagerness to achieve equity in all the cases being discussed. 

Thank you,

Malak El Saadany, President of the International Court of Justice


1. Questions Relating to the Obligation to Prosecute or Extradite (Belgium vs Senegal)

2. Certain Iranian Assets (Iran vs USA)