General Assembly Sixth Committee


ga 6 group pic final.jpeg

HIAMUN is a platform that gives students the freedom of expression and blossoms worthy ideas. HIAMUN has been a huge part of my life for the past few years and has helped me develop. 

That's why my chair Jannah Omar and I, President of the General Assembly Sixth Committee, will strive in order to provide the best environment to ensure the productivity of such a prestigious council.

There are many recurring issues world wide that need to be tackled, and since the General Assembly Sixth Committee is the committee that discusses legal issues, tackling the issue of preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalism globally will be our first topic. The second topic being as important as the first is the scope and application of universal jurisdiction. Our third and final topic is preventing the misuse of diplomatic immunity by UN officials and diplomats which addresses the issue of holding political leaders accountable to the crimes they commit.

My Chair and I hope to witness a well rounded and contentious debate portraying each and every one of your ideas, of course being built on strong well thought out resolutions.

Best regards,

Yassine Abdel Hamid, President of the General Assembly Sixth Committee


  1. Preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalism globally

  2. Setting a framework for the implementation of universal jurisdiction

  3. Preventing the misuse of diplomatic immunity by UN officials, peacekeepers and diplomats