People believe that they are helpless in such a world full of violence, conflict and challenges. However, being aware of global issues helps in solving them. What helps even more, is knowing the nature of the conflicts over the issues and having knowledge about everything related to the issues including the causes of them, the different sides involved and, most importantly, possible solutions for the issues. MUN satisfies all these means; it prepares the world's youth in order to take real action in the future built on a strong base and it teaches the delegates the skill of finding solutions to global issues. I believe that the most important issues present in the world that have many disputes over are the legal issues. We will be discussing 3 significant legal issues in HIAMUN'18's General Assembly Sixth Committee which are the issue of the scope and application of the principal of universal jurisdiction, setting a Framework for the use of violence against protesters, and setting an international framework for intelligence agencies regarding the gathering and usage of information in international affairs.

I, Anas Ismail, along with my exceptional chair, Youssef Emara, are looking forward to fruitful, heated debates on strong, well-written resolutions regarding these topics. I expect a lot from the delegates and I hope that this conference is the beginning of actually solving the challenges the world is facing now.

Thank you,

Anas Ismail, President of GA6 - Legal


1. The Issue of the Scope and Application of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

2. Setting a Framework for the Use of Violence Against Protesters

3. Setting an International Framework for Intelligence Agencies Regarding the Gathering and Usage of Information in International Affairs