Arab League


The Arab League was founded in 1945, with the aim of strengthening the ties of the Arabic-speaking nations, and unite them to help further express their interests and promote the nation. The Arab nation has become an area susceptible to a downwards spiral change with the start of the Arab spring uprisings in 2011, thus strengthening the role of the Arab League in the world. The revival of the Arab League as a forum in HIAMUN aims to approach such issues through their base.

This year, I, Amina Helmy, President of the Arab League, alongside my chair, Nour Barakat, have decided to focus on topics that have caused a lot of controversy within the Arab nation, as member states tend to hold diverse perspectives. The first topic is: setting a framework for the usage of new energy technologies as a mean of ensuring sustainable development in the GCC and to develop struggling Arab economies. The second topic touches on a fundamental humanitarian issue, being the question of the promotion of religious tolerance within Arab nations. The third topic is: the question of securing people’s rights to self-determination across Arab nations, as the sparks of disputes in nations internally have started due to the controversy caused because of such.

My chair and I are looking forward to heated and controversial debates, hoping the Arab League becomes the pulse where changes spark, and are looking forward to meeting you all! 

Thank you,

Amina Helmy, President of the Arab League



1. The Question of Securing People's Rights to Self-Determination Across Arab Nations

2. Setting a Framework for the Usage of New Energy Technologies as a Mean of Ensuring Sustainable Development in the GCC and to Develop Struggling Arab Economies

3. The Question of the Promotion of Religious Tolerance within Arab Nations