Security Council

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Interdependence and peace. Both words are linked, now that link lies within each one of us. Before the world split into the different continents as we know them, Earth was once fully connected and intertwined in a theory called Pangaea. In which the whole world was one big unit that was fully connected. But in modern history the so called Pangaea has broken off into smaller pieces which then were broken into even smaller pieces and called “countries”. This dismantling has also been reflected in human nature as the idea of interdependence and cooperation between humans has been totally destroyed and instead  the concept of “war” has been created. As leaders of countries have increasingly shown to turn to violence instead of peace and cooperation during times of conflict. Citing Sun Tzu “The Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without violence or fighting”. 

Since 1945, the Security Council has proposed methods of adjustment and terms of settlements, as they were able to provide basic security guarantees and respond to crises in dozens of countries. Yet the world has never been short on crises. In the light of that, this year’s Security Council will be discussing the civil war in Yemen which has been raging on for over 5 years has killed millions of innocent civilians. As well as tackling the issue of Iran’s growing nuclear arsenal.  The issue in Yemen stems from the inadequate transition of power from one government to the next, leading to huge disagreements from many parties on the legitimate ruler of Yemen. While the issue in Iran is caused by Iran’s ongoing creation of nuclear weapons while disobeying various treaties and conventions which prevents them from doing so. 

In this year’s HIAMUN, I, Ali Bahgat, President of the Security Council, alongside my exceptional chair, Leila Diab, are looking forward to witness fruitful debates and strong resolutions which provide solutions that satisfy all parties involved, while taking enough action.

Thank You, 

Ali Bahgat, President of the Security Council



  1. Resolving The Situation in Yemen

  2. Setting a framework to tackle the issue of Iran’s growing nuclear program