Dear MUN participants and esteemed directors, 

It is my great honor to welcome you to the eighth annual session of Hayah International Academy Model United Nations conference. HIAMUN has witnessed exponential growth since its instigation in 2010. It is now a THIMUN - affiliated conference hosting over 300 delegates from various international schools in Cairo. 

This year’s theme for HIAMUN is Pulses, denoting both the human pulse and the crops from which seeds are harvested. This is to signify the importance of reviving humanity, as well as promoting growth and sustainability. Pulses sets the tone for the conference and the topics tackled in each forum.

Seeing as we live in a time of ongoing crises and unresolved global issues that threaten the peace and security of our world, we must recognize the urgency of acting as a united force to challenge what the international community has faced, yet failed to solve time after time. Often do we underestimate our ability to better the world, but we must realize that it is in our ability to make minor changes that secure the world for generations to come. It is in our ability to generate pulses that spark such changes.

In light of that, HIAMUN 2018 gives us the opportunity to retain our humanity and grow as individuals and as a community of agents of change. This year’s newly introduced Human Rights Council (HRC) is discussing the issue of genital circumcision, which is a controversial issue that overlooks the basic human rights of many individuals, both male and female. Challenging cultural norms, this issue raises many questions to be addressed during constructive debate in the Human Rights Council in order to ensure that people are granted their rights. In regards to the regional unrest caused by discrimination and violence based on religion, the Arab League aims to promote religious tolerance among Arab nations, ensuring that such nations unite as one entity, irrespective of their differences. Recognizing the constant growth of militant groups that are a direct menace to international peace and security, HIAMUN18’s Security Council is examining the issue of: Battling The Conversion and Radicalization of Potential Militants Around the World.

Along with other vital topics discussed across 10 different forums, HIAMUN 2018 is finally the time for us to start considering different perspectives, entertain various ideas, and combine them with our own to reach the change we want to make in ourselves, in our local communities, and ultimately in our world.

Best Regards, 

Malak Hassaballah

Secretary General of HIAMUN 2018