Meet HIAMUN 2016’s Secretary-General, Mariam Hassaballah. An active high-school senior to-be that has mastered the ability to run one of the most anticipated and hopefully successful MUN conferences as of next year. Introducing someone like Mariam, last year’s GA president, is a mere formality. Assuming that you take part in the MUN community, chances are that you would be quite familiar with the name. Mariam’s notable influence on MUN grounds can be further clarified through the consideration of her countless characteristics that distinguish her as surely an influential leader. 

Her constant stand for what she believes in, as well as what MUN stands for, and the necessary incorporation of that into the upcoming conference, is evident in the following interview which we had the pleasure of carrying out with her. The insight regarding the theme of next year’s conference “metamorphosis” and the future of HIAMUN as well as its technical side can be obtained from this interview.

Mariam Hassaballah, the Secretary-General of HIAMUN (Hayah Model United Nations) 2016. 

HIAMUN has become one of the very reputable conferences in Egypt. What traditions has it developed over the years and how would you characterize it?

HIAMUN has developed traditions that we are keen on keeping. They may not be grand traditions, however, they are small ones that characterize HIAMUN. This would include the layout of the tables with the flags, and the outstanding opening and closing ceremony videos. I do believe, though, that with every new conference, there is a different spirit that is established by both the AC and OC. 

One of the goals of MUN is to bring young, bright minds together to create dialogue and interaction. Do you feel that the delegates of next year’s conferences will be able to tackle the topics and become agents of change? 

Each year, new delegates join HIAMUN seeking means to broaden their skills and knowledge. Mostly, the new delegates are placed in the General Assembly, and because of the exceptional guidance of the president and chair of the GA, and our director Mr. Karim el Dib, the new delegates will, in fact, be agents of change. 

What is the rationale behind the topic choices this year?

The topics this year follow the theme of “metamorphosis,” the final change of transformation. We believe that a solution to these topics, a framework that will enable change, a prospectus would lead to total transformation in the world today. 

Get to know Mariam:

How would you describe yourself in one word?

    Well, it’s not one word, but obsessively organized. 

If you were an animated character which one would you be? Why?

    Mojo Jojo, I’d rather not tell you why.

AuthorHayah MUN