It’s a new year for memories, experiences, and conferences. The Academic Committee and the Organizing Committee are getting ready for this year’s conference. The OC are getting their plans ready and getting everything sorted for the upcoming conference. The AC are getting their delegates ready for the conference and training each and every one of them, and throughout this hectic process there’s always someone who’s never done it before. This is why we interviewed our youngest AC members, Nour Amr (chair of the General Assembly) and Alia Emara (chair of the Human Rights Council) to get to know how they’re feeling about being chairs this year.

What is an obstacle or a challenge that you think you’ll face?

Alia: An obstacle I feel that I will face is that I know I will have friends in the forum, however, a part of this experience is learning the professionalism that accompanies it. Also, I feel like during the actual conference I don't know what is waiting for me in a sense; this is my first time as an AC, so I have no expectations, but, I know that I will get a hang of it, hopefully ending this experience positively.

Nour: I feel like as I get older and my MUN experience grows, I’ll start to worry more about others rather than focusing on myself. Comparing yourself to others is never healthy, however when many people excel at the same thing, it’s inevitable really. In this conference, the thing I think will really challenge is me is to be able to balance between fun and work as a chair,  because the forum shouldn't be too strained but shouldn't be too chaotic as well.

What do you think you’ll learn out of being a chair?

Alia: The main thing I know I will learn our of this position is time management, and the prioritization of what's important over what isn't. Also, I have already gotten glimpse of the time sacrifice I have to make, since in summer I was working on the Chair Reports. I think that another thing I will learn is, being exposed to different people with different opinions, and this I believe will help me later on in life.

Nour: I think that something I'll definitely learn is better communication skills, and how to have more confidence when speaking in front of a group of people. I also thinking that checking the delegate's resolutions will help me learn how to write my own resolutions better.

What your expectations are for this year’s MUN.

Alia: I expect this years HIAMUN, to be the best one yet. The topics are wide-ranged and very interesting, and the debates will surely be amazing. Also, with the AC and OC this year, it being a fun conference is rest-assured.

Nour: An enjoyable, well-rounded, exciting, constructive, and phenomenal conference, an intellectual explosion.

What are two things that you’re looking forward to the most?

Alia: I'm looking forward to many things this HIAMUN. I enjoy meeting new people, and I thoroughly enjoy good debates. Also, I'm very excited to be in the AC, this year so I believe that the journey to the conference will be as fulfilling as the conference itself. I'm also looking forward to seeing my forum come together, and to meeting the delegates we have in the HRC this year.

Nour: Definitely the food, but also meeting as many new people as I can and gaining more knowledge from them.

Describe your MUN experience so far in one word

Alia: Euphoric

Nour: Bittersweet


AuthorHayah MUN