Here we compile a simple guide for any delegate’s MUN experience outlining the main do’s and don’ts with HIAMUN Secretary-General, Ameena El-Agha, so that everyone attending our conference could feel safe and feel comfortable to make the best use of their time by exploring themselves while still having fun!

1.     Chase the experience

Many people join HIAMUN with one goal that could be main-submitting a unanimous resolution or getting a best delegate certificate. However, putting that goal in your mind hinders you from gaining a real experience that can open a door for you to discover yourself. As you are supposed try, have fun and be yourself in the conference without making it stressful on yourself or others!

2.     Be decent

Try to make the conference’s environment as safe as possible. For instance, during the debates, do not bash the other delegates just to seem smart and impressive, as you have to take care of the thin line between having a fun, elevated debate and offending other delegates or main-submitters of any resolution as this bashing could reach the extent of “bullying”. Also, you should not be sending extremely inappropriate notes to other delegates, and don’t get me wrong you can joke and have fun, but without harassing anyone, as others have the right to feel safe in the forum, so they can benefit from the conference, and not be afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

3.    Be constructive

If you are an experienced delegate don’t enter the forum with the mind set that you need to bash every speaker, as you are supposed to share your experience with other delegates who maybe are younger and less experienced, as bashing them could ruin their MUN experience while they are trying to get out of their comfort zones and build on their talents. So be constructive when critiquing the opinion of anyone. Also, try to help others. If you find someone writing a resolution, go on and help them by sharing any bit of your experience, or if you find that a resolution has some flaws, give them advice on how to amend it.

4.    Get out of your comfort zone

Finally, and as cliché as it may sound, the conference is supposed to let people become comfortable with debating and expressing themselves, so during the debate don’t shy out, and say your opinion even if you think it’s small and insignificant. Don’t feel like you are the odd one out, as maybe you expressing your minor opinion will encourage someone else to come out of their comfort zone as well!

AuthorHayah MUN