Each year, HIAMUN Secretary and Deputy Secretary Generals choose participants graduating from the General Assembly forum, which they think are capable enough, to become chairs. This year they happen to be Ameena El-Agha, Anas Ismail, Yahia Beethoven and Zeina Abdeldayem. 

Throughout this week they have been asked a series of questions about HIAMUN and their coming years in the conference. First, we were interested to know about what obstacles they think they might face. Anas Ismail, chair of ECOSOC, answered saying “I’m worried that it would be hard to handle the delegates that are older or that the delegates would not take me seriously because they know me as a relaxed person.” While Yahia Beethoven, chair of General Assembly 1, answered the question tackling his expectations for this year’s conference saying “I am expecting this year’s conference to be a great one because we have tried something new with recruiting two Deputy Secretary Generals instead of one and the Secretary General and the Deputies are all very hardworking and passionate about HIAMUN, as well as the academic and organizing committees this year who are also working passionately. I am very happy with my president, Nezar and I’m thankful that he engages me and is a very easy person to work with.” 

Zeina Abdeldayem, chair of SRCMENA, offered the honor of answering the third question “What does HIAMUN mean to you?”. Zeina took it back all the way to middle school saying “Ever since I was in middle school, I have always looked up to the HIAMUN delegates and always asked about it and wondered what it is. Ever since then I was always eager to get involved and was always excited for the year’s conference where I could call myself a delegate and get that experience. Ever since I started last year, I’ve been attached to it and it has given me a view and idea of what I want to become in the future which is a politician.” The next question was for Ameena El-Agha, chair of ICJ, “What effect does HIAMUN have on you or other students in general?” Ameena answered saying “I think HIAMUN is a perfect mixture of seriousness and fun and that gets everyone excited for it, it unites the different grades and it is a perfect opportunity to learn and have fun. I also believe that it opens up a person’s eyes because they get exposed to problems the world has today.” 

Lastly, they were all asked if they could describe their relationship with MUN in one word. Ameena thought that it would be “special”, Yahia answered with “commitment”, Anas values “hard work” and Zeina answered believes that it is about “devotion”. We are very excited and eager to see what they will add to this year’s conference with their exciting spirit.

AuthorHayah MUN