This year, HIAMUN’s theme is Kaleidoscopic. Kaleidoscopes are representative of diversity and perspectives, so is every issue negotiated and discussed in MUN. We must bring ourselves to look at the issues we deal with from different perspectives, considering every subject’s standpoint and view. This week, we interviewed Salma Soliman, one of our Deputy Secretary Generals, to get her take on the experience of planning for the conference.


·      What’s your favorite thing about being a deputy?

It’s definitely witnessing the conference come to life. Being a deputy allows me, along with the extraordinary team alongside me, to build the conference step by step. From outlining committees’ plans to counting the last delegation’s flags, I get to see and contribute to how the integrated efforts of everyone compile to form such a conference as HIAMUN.

·      How does being a deputy feel compared to being a delegate for the first time? Is it the same nervousness and excitement?

The first time being a delegate is always an unforgettable experience, whether from the nerves you get standing up on the podium for the first or writing out your first resolution. I would say being a deputy is a relatively very different experience. I engage in a different type of work where we carry the burden of trying to make sure the conference is the best experience possible and reaches and exceeds standard. Therefore, the nerves still exist, but just appear for different purposes.  I believe engaging in any MUN conference is a very exciting experience regardless of the position held in the conference. It always gives me a chance to explore new areas of myself and do things ‘out of the routine’.

·      Does being in MUN inspire your future career in any way, or is it just a hobby?

At first, I started MUN as a hobby, and it was one of the activities I was very passionate about. However, my ultimate goal now is getting to work in the UN’s ECOSOC, merging two of my favorite fields; MUN and Economics.

·      Can you give us insight on the load of responsibility a deputy has?

As a member of the executive team, we have a lot of responsibility to make the conference stand on its feet. The height of our responsibilities lie in the planning stage for the academic and organizing committee. Regarding the academic committee, we decide on the forums and work alongside the presidents and chairs on their forums. Regarding the organizing committee, we overlook the separate branches. We also prepare for external relations during the MUN conference.


Get to know Salma:

·      What’s your favorite TV series?


AuthorHayah MUN